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Hand Sanitizer, Toilet Paper, And Protecting Yourself When Flying The Friendly Skies

August 7, 2020

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Life doesn’t stop. If you have to travel in the near future, here’s how to keep yourself (and those around you) healthy.

Acting against all other advice, Jean and I found ourselves on a plane to Portland, ME yesterday. I got to LaGuardia airport and boarded the plane as if this were just another normal travel day – as if there weren’t a pandemic . A number of our fellow passengers around the very small commuter airplane came ready with wipes, soap, along with hand sanitizer, oh my! I began to stress as I saw them wash down their chairs and bathe their hands together with hand sanitizer. If I happen to be more careful? Is this more severe than I believed it had been? Am I likely to grab the coronavirus with this particular flight?

The brief reply to this question: We overlook ‘t know. The CDC is still investigating how long the virus lives on surfaces and updating the world in real time. While stepping on a plane does not mean you’ll walk off with COVID-19, the longer and many more complicated answer: Don’t fly in case you overlook ‘t have to.

Travel restrictions are changing daily. If you absolutely have to travel (like Jean and I did), head to theCDC website: It will tell you if the destination printed on your ticket is safe to travel to, or if you should channel your inner Rachel Green and obtain off the plane.

With that said, all you can do is stay up-to-date on the latest virus information and be proactive in protecting yourself from infection. Here are ways to do just that.


  • If you’ve already booked a flight you’re feeling like you might want to skip, check to see what your airline’s current policies are on cancellations and changes. Many are waiving change fees, and hotels are allowing free cancellations for the time being, says Rob Karp, Founder and CEO of MilesAhead.
  • Check the CDC website to see if your destination is on the safe travel list. If it is, consider how essential your trip is before heading off on your adventure.

Booking for the Future

  • Life doesn’t stop, and you also likely have someplace to be in the Not Too Distant Future. Karp urges reaching out into a travel adviser if this isn’t something you do already. They can help you to understand whether it makes sense to plan a trip to your desired destination, or if you should hold off on making any purchases right now. If you’re booking flights, Karp says looking into travel insurance is a must, and if you’re planning a trip for 2020, book refundable airfare and hotels. "The very best thing you’ll get is versatility," he adds.

Necessary Travel Right Now

  • Like I said, don’t mind anyplace the CDC says to not, but when getting on a plane is at your future, ensure that you ‘re doing this correctly – yesterday. Natalie Compton of this Washington Post urges maintaining the ideal hands hygiene you can, after all you never know who or what you’re bothering. She adds that you don’t require a mask if you don’t ‘re sick (PS: If you’re sick, please stay in your home), also wiping down temperate surfaces is significant in most public areas, but particularly on airplanes.
  • Before you venture out on a business trip, be certain whatever occasion or meeting you’re set to attend remains occurring. A number of businesses have cancelled occasions or other occurrences on account of this virus in an endeavor to maintain the coronavirus in bay and prevent spreading the illness.
  • And if you’re in a high profile bunch or take care of someone at a high profile category, have a frank conversation with your supervisor about your health care situation and the way it may influence your ability to journey.

And for people who don’t have air travel in their future, lucky you. That, of course, doesn’t automatically mean that you ‘re in the clear, however preventing exposure to new areas and fresh germs is unquestionably favored amid an outbreak like this one.

Whether you’re getting onto a plane or notthough, allow’s all clinic those hand hygiene hints so long as COVID-19 is hanging about. Or indefinitely. That works, too.