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How to Speed Up Your Job Search and Make Yourself More Marketable

August 24, 2020

Facing job or income loss, or out of work? This’s the best way to prepare once the work marketplace reopens.

The deep financial fallout in the Coronavirus pandemic has generated job insecurity for millions of Americans. A recent poll from LendEDU revealed that 30 percent of individuals have lost jobs or had their hours cutand the majority – 57 percent – were concerned about job safety.

If you or a different breadwinner in your home is facing a fall in earnings or work loss, you’ll find things you can do today to rate your work hunt and make yourself more marketable. We’ve identified many strategies women in various life situations are choosing to boost their chances for future job.

Transition from Stay-at-Home Mom to Working Mom

An elongated reduction of income can catapult some stay-at-home mothers back to the working world. Returning to work after an infant is trying at the best of times, but may be especially overwhelming in case you’ve obtained an elongated absence extending from months to years. But, don’t let that gap in your experience cause you to despair.

Kate Turner, CEO of Motivational Leadership, offers advice on how to obtain started: "Most men and women begin their search by searching for a work name or specific discipline. But in case you’ve been outside of this working world for some time, you might require a different strategy. "

Turner recommends taking an inventory of your skills (things you’ve learned through study or on the job), talents (abilities that come naturally to you), and behaviors (a broad category that encompasses your soft skills). "You’ll undoubtedly have illustrations of the way you’ve used the abilities, abilities and behaviours outside the office," she says.

Once you’ve got a solid understanding of what you would bring to a role, you can research which careers best match. You may identify a new role within a previous field of work, or find yourself drawn to trying something new. Either way, you’ll have a clear idea of which elements you can emphasize on your cover letter and on your resume.

If you are having trouble, you may want to reach out to a career advisor or resume expert. The important thing is not to lose hope or to suffer from a lack of confidence.

Move Into a Higher Paying Role

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to ask for a pay review, push for a promotion or look for a higher paying role, now is the time to obtain moving. The before all else step is to do research. Use some of your previous commute time to benchmark your salary using job search websites and salary comparison tools. Does your salary match the industry average, or have you fallen behind by staying in a role for a long time? What does the salary look like for the next level above? What skills are required to move up a level within the org chart?

Once you have a clear picture of salaries and skills, you can focus on filling in any gaps.

There is a wealth of online courses available for free right now, allowing you to obtain expert training in soft skills like people management and leadership, or dive deeper into your field, gaining new credentials.

When business returns to normal, you’ll be well-prepared for a conversation with your boss or with a hiring manager. Remember, businesses will need to obtain up and running as quickly as possible. Training new employees requires time and resources. Don’t hesitate to emphasize your capacity to have new challengesand juggle jobs and obtain the job done when talking with your supervisor.

Apply Your Skills to a New Field

Unfortunately, many businesses will regain slower than many others. This may indicate which you will need to pivot your livelihood and attempt something new. A skills evaluation is a superb place to get started. It’s easy to forget that many of what we understand and will do well is related to a vast assortment of functions.

For instance, an event supervisor might have skills pertinent to job management, supply chain management or manufacturing management. All those roles need rigorous attention to detail along with an understanding of gating variables and cascades. Somebody who works in earnings may find they’re great in marketing or in client services. In the end, sales functions instruct you to see an audience, speak well and to observe the world via your prospect’s eyes. Marketing and client support use those similarly abilities, albeit at a somewhat different method.

Rather than focusing on upskilling, invest your free time deep-diving to a new business. Learn who the significant players are, read on trends and business drivers and find out just as many as possible about their customer base. This preparation will set you in great stead for a meeting.

Don’t Forget to Think About What You Want

Finding a job – any job – may be your before all else and foremost goal. Seeking financial stability in uncertain times is understandable. In the best-case scenario you’ll find work that engages the skills and talents that you love using. That kind of work will sustain you during tough times, Turner says.

"You might want to obtain creative on the way your needs are fulfilled," she says. "You simply have to give yourself consent at the before all else location to be searching for a function that frees you too as (literally) feeds . "