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No Brunch, No Spa, No Problem: 12 Amazing Gifts That Will Make Every Mom Smile (Even In The Middle Of A Pandemic)

September 9, 2020

Some of our very best thoughts to observe that special mother in your own life, even if social distancing compels one to become apart.

With social bookmarking nevertheless a thing, our Mother’s Day parties in 2020 will look VERY different. For a lot of usour go-to Mother’s Day presents look tone deaf – which gift certificate to some dear hair salon, or even tickets to your favourite series, while valued, will probably go unused for weeks. Luckily, there are lots of different methods to respect the badass moms in your own life without undermining anyone’s security. We turned into our Intexchange Private Facebook team for information, and they demonstrated that if quarantine rules might have placed a damper in our conventional family gatherings for every afternoon, they even ‘ve just compelled us to obtain creative in regards to our gift-giving art.

Kendra Scott jewellery

When Kendra started her business with only $500 back in 2002, her assignment was straightforward: she wished to produce jewelry that is beautiful, be a fantastic mother, and return to her community. Eighteen decades and 80 standalone shops after, Kendra informs Intexchange her favourite thing remains "spending time with her kiddos. " Make sure to grab her distinctive Mother’s Day-themed Intexchange podcast, also! (Launching this Wednesday, May 6! ) )

Winc Wines of the Month Club

Let’s proceed with the apparent: wine is obviously an acceptable present, and also what’s a much better way to state "I know motherhood has kicked your ass but you’ve handled it with sass and grace," than providing wine into a worthy mother’s doorstep each month? Nothing. The solution is nothing surpasses.

Twist Your Spirits

You know the expression: "It’s 5 o’clock somewhere" and Twist Your Spirits knows exactly how to help that special mom celebrate. A pretty box of perfectly measured cocktail supplies arrives with instructions on how to make a fancy cocktail. And bonus: there’s enough in the box for multiple cocktails so it can truly be 5 o’clock somewhere. . .often.

Shrubs and Landscaping (yes, actually )

By and large, many remarks within our Mother’s Day present based around gardening, especially trees, blossoms, and even landscaping.

Alexis T. commented, "I most prefer experiences and services. Since experiences are pretty many a no-go right now, I’d love for someone to hire a landscaper to clean up my flower beds and mow my lawn. " And, needless to say, she states, dinner delivered directly as the job is completed.

Other members indicated adorable garden hints out of Etsy because mothers appear to be discovering their gardening zen in the middle of the turmoil of quarantine. Angie M. proposes garden hints from Personal Creations which may be customized to reflect your distinctive family. Cheryl H. stocks this, for her mom, she’ll be purchasing "A new flower or flowering bush for her backyard. It’s been this way for years. I live 2000 miles away so my Dad takes her to the local greenhouse on my behalf and she picks out what she wants. " When I informed her that my children were treating me into a similar present this season (a weeping willow to substitute a tree which we’d eliminated annually ), she explained that portion of this present is that the joy that her mother receives from seeing it grow through recent years.

And, she says, "I started this tradition with her ages ago, when I was a broke college student and all I could afford was a couple of lilies in different colours. Now I just tell her to obtain what she wants and tell my Dad to take it out of my bank account. " We adore this, Cheryl!

Cellar Door Care Packages

Intexchange team member Sarah H. informs us"Cellar Door Preserves has crafted care packages for sale that are a creative way to support small businesses, many of whom are too small to receive any support from the CARES Act. It’s literally the best jam I’ve ever had, and the care packages are supplemented with great "treat your self " goodies like tea towels and candles….needless to say I bought care packages for the moms in my life this year! "

A Diaper Bag (But Not Really…)

Everyone understands a fresh working mother, also, though a lot of us are operating out of our home offices at this time, finally we’ll return to cruising. This fashionable messenger-style diaper tote, although initially made for fathers, is rapidly turning into a mother staple, also. (Full disclosure: I have one of those messenger bags also it’s my go-to job tote, though my children were toddlers per decade back ).

Notes to Self Socks

If the special mother in your life likes to work out, make her feel loved right down to her feet with those favorable affirmation socks. Launched in 2011, proprietor Laura Schmidt made a decision to place her belief into positive thinking into actions… literally. And on individuals’s feet. (If my family is studying, I won’t be mad to receive a 12-pack gift box of my favorite socks. Just saying.)

Cheryl’s Cookies Yoga Gift Set

I was "now years-old " when I realized that the only thing missing from a refreshing yoga session was a side of cookies. This cute set, complete with cookies, yoga mat, and water bottle, is perfect for that special yogi who has helped to mother you. Namaste, and pass the cookies. NOM. I mean, OM.

Fancy Linen Tea Towels

Quarantine can feel a little fancier for your favorite mom with these simply gorgeous tea towels that are sourced and handmade in San Francisco. These were recommended by group member Sarah R., and Jessica Patel, Intexchange’s Chief of Growth agrees: "I’m a sucker for a pretty green towel! " she says. Amen, momma.


It’s no secret that most of us abandoned pants that button or zip weeks ago. And, admit it: you are reading this from your couch in your favorite sweats that you probably should have gotten rid of years ago, right? Why not up your mom’s loungewear game with one of these luxe brands? And it’s totally fine if you purchase yourself a pair, too. It’s a pandemic. There are no rules anymore.

Katie Kime has a line of soft, color coordinated sweats that make us swoon.