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Social Media Steals: How To Use Facebook To Save Fashion

September 17, 2020

Facebook resale style telephone
Social networking isn’t just a place to connect with friends-it’s where you can find high end brands at a deep discount, and in some cases for free.

Many women dream of having closets full of Lululemon, Lilly Pulitzer, Anthropologie and other high-end brands. However, for those who are trying to save (or people like me, who just can’t stomach spending $100 on a set of leggings) it’s is not necessarily realistic.

Enter Facebook, in which brand-focused purchase, sell, trade (BST) classes have gathered thousands of thousands of associates; many people who purchase, a number who market and others that act as personal shoppers for fellow lovers.

I recently caught up with Annie Fairfax, ” the girl behind "Lilly Pulitzer: Dressed to Impress," a Facebook group that after all its founding in 2015, has gathered more members than just a little city. We covered everything from the way she made her start, to the way the team has come to be a lot of more than a location to purchase and sell clothing.


A longtime Lilly Pulitzer enthusiast, Fairfax obtained her start Instagram, wherever her private account was initially devoted to highlighting her near-daily Lilly outfits. As she published, questions adopted everything from substance composition to bathing directions. "I couldn’t even keep up with these queries, therefore I began a Facebook group for a location for some other lovers of this brand to locate a another," says Fairfax.

After a while, Fairfax started to allow purchasing, selling and trading, or what’s commonly referred to as "BST’ing" from the category. In its before all else year, it brought over 10,000 members. Now, with a membership in almost 40,000 individuals, the team is just one of the most significant clothes linked classes on Facebook – a thing Fairfax states is on account of the surroundings that she cultivates because its moderator. "We have air tight rules everyone has to follow, which prevents anyone from being scammed and makes a huge difference to my members, because they know they will be supported on the off chance something goes defame, or a package is lost in the mail. "


Fairfax quotes that things sold inside her team may be anywhere from 50 to 90% off retail cost. Better still, she shared from time to time, generous associates will provide free things, even in which the shopper just must cover transport. "These are a great way to offload unworn clothing, or things that didn’t sell to somebody who will adore itor that will repurpose the gorgeous, printed cloth into something different," says Fairfax.


As someone who was booted from Facebook’s biggest Anthropologie BST group for neglecting to follow very specific rules (note to self, DON’T neglect to record the situation of a product you’re selling!) , I will ‘t stress this one enough-and neither can Fairfax. "We now have principles which are before all else and foremost there to guard each member and also to make sure things run smoothly and reasonably for everybody," says Fairfax. One of the biggest rules? All transactions MUST be completed through PayPal "products and services," which offers safety for both buyers and sellers.


While many members of Fairfax’s group use it as a way to score cheap Lilly, others see it as a side hustle. Successful sellers can make hundreds of dollars or more per-month and gain a loyal following of customers. While the secrets of selling might seem simple – taking clear photos from multiple angles, including measurements in descriptions and listing style names – there are other touches that can make you stand out. "A great deal of vendors will consist of small presents for their customers using their bundles, such as pressed flowers, chocolates – brightly packed – or perhaps hair bows," says Fairfax. "These small touches make buyers feel appreciated and help conceive a feeling of community. "

LILLY Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

When it comes to Facebook BST groups, Lilly Pulitzer: Dressed to Impress is just the tip of the iceberg. As someone whose wardrobe is filled with secondhand (and sometimes new) social media fashion finds, I highly recommend the following:

Lululand: Love Lululemon but hate the cost? In this more than 16,000 member group, members visit the brand’s outlet stores and when they arrive, post what’s available and what’s on sale that day. They take requests, buy available items and then ship to shoppers.

Kate Spade Buy/Sell/Trade: A great place to purchase, sell and trade new and used Kate Spade items, as well as celebrate your love of the brand alongside more than 23,000 other fans.

Crew and Madewell Buy, Sell and Trade: While not as massive as other BST groups, this is the largest of those dedicated to J.Crew and/or Madewell. It’s been growing in recent years, and now at nearly 13,000 members regularly has an excellent selection of clothing, accessories and other items.