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Why I Started a Second Business When I Was Getting my First One Off the Ground

October 13, 2020

Why I Started a Second Business
Beginning another company may be daunting, particularly in case your before all else is still increasing. But occasionally two is much better than you.

"Focus. "

"Get one thing right. "

"You can be a serial entrepreneur – after you sell your before all else company. "

All fantastic information, also mantras of a startup spectacle. The rapid worlds of technology and consumer startups are about laser attention and speedy implementation – meaning that you have one company, 1 product, 1 goal. This’s exactly what I used to believe, also.

The before all else time

When my co-founder and I arrived together in 2013 and began guesterly, an internet platform to conceive digital and paper publications that wow guests and also create a lasting impression, we made a pact it would be our only company priority for the near future. We’d write all of the new small business ideas we’d develop – and never look at them.

Most of the moment, this "out of sight, out of mind" program worked on people. Beginning a provider takes two% thought and 98% implementation. A fantastic thought is (literally) nothing with no challenging work of constructing the merchandise, marketing, and earnings – and of course that the nitty-gritty of law, taxation, insurance, and also another non-glamorous functions of entrepreneurship (ahem, carrying out the office garbage ).

How I began my next company

But understanding everything, I went ahead with my second venture. I started a entirely new company while my before all else kid was a destitute, on-the-go infant.

Here’s why it functioned and the way you can make it work for you, also.

There’s a natural affinity or experience. Including another company should feel so natural it’s nearly impossible to not take action. Launching guesterly needed me to shoot a massive jump, from magazine editor and writer to technology entrepreneur. I felt like a butterfly struggling to obtain from a chrysalis daily – that which was new, and I had been having mindset changes as with other individuals have breakfast. However, as we climbed, I found I had a natural habit for obtaining media: I utilize my own "editor brain" to provide reviewers and authors precisely what they require.

Soon I had been helping my entrepreneur friends do the equal, then becoming referred to friends . Afterward, I had been spending an hour or two per day consulting (gratis, of course!) And producing PR plans for a selection of companies. I never thought about it as a tool to market.

But it continued to construct: I created a DIY PR manual to discuss, and began requesting editor buddies for insider remarks. This’s when a friend suggested that we can create this ceremony larger.

Don’t go it alone. My friend Angela Jia Kim is a PR whiz herself. Her three companies scored more than 100 major stories in a single year alone. We demand ourselves: "What should we made a PR college and left this information available for everybody? " Soon we had a win-win plan.

We would piggyback off Angela’s Savor the Success website, team, and sales channels; I’d obtain top editors involved as mentors; and together we’d craft material. We would each bring our own strengths, network, and enthusiasm – with less risk, time, and stress. And by joining forces, we could go fast. We launched Savor PR School just three months after our initial conversation.

Multiple businesses have different structures and timelines. Savor PR School and guesterly had very different models, which means they worked well together. Savor PR School is a low-tech, high-expertise product that could start generating income relatively quickly. On the other side, guesterly involves high-tech, patent-protected software and a long-lead sales channel (most of our leads are for events a year out!) . Having a business that created cash flow in the short term let me grow the business that had more delayed returns.

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Stagger workloads and cross-pollinate. When one company goes through a slow period or has a bad day, the other is there – it’s the startup equivalent of dating a few people at once. And there’s more variety to keep things interesting.

Another perk: A program, suggestion, or research project for one business often generates an idea for the other. As a bonus, it’s made me better at organizing and prioritizing.

You have more fun. Stepping on the startup carousel for the second time is way more fun than I ever expected. Just like a second-time parent, I barely realized all the insight, confidence, and mentors I picked up on my before all else go-round.

And now I obtain to "play company " in more areas that I’m passionate about, and work with more of my favorite people. Two really is better than one.

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